Report : The Norman Conquest 50 mile (in english)

Gerry - Norman Conquest
Gerry – Norman Conquest

Hello, this is not written in my mother’s language and I apologize for my french reader, an other proper « compte rendu » will be made in french as usual.

This Norman Conquest was a great experience for me. I enjoyed a lot sharing each mile ran and walked with 3 english fellow.  I won’t speak in kilometres so instead of having ran 89 kilometres, we have ran 55 miles in just 2 minutes less than 13 hours. Fortunately we do share the time measure in the same unit. It maybe because they are not in a bloody decimal system ?

By the way I was very pleased by the end of the race when we all waited for each other in order to finish all together. You show me a great spirit of fair play and it was a great pleasure for me.

The organisation was perfect with just enough tricky navigation to loose some dozens of minutes but also to gain some more miles to our day. The staff and volunteers where very kind and comprehensive. It’s just a shame that such a nice race and organisation are not engaging more people to spend a day in the nice East Sussex countryside with a lot of sheep, fences, manors, nettles, bluebells, wild garlic in flower, churches, wood, brooks, wooden footbridges, and even vineyard to enjoy.

Next time I would like to have a glass of your wine with my cigarette at the end of the race.

The only complain I have is that there was too much processed food on the aid  point and not the least dried fruit as we always found in France and Belgium. But it’s definitely a minor complain.

I hope I will see you on other races and especially Terry, Tom and David the 3 guys wich arrived with me in Rye.

Here is a link to some pictures taken during the Norman Conquest.

Just a last question : why there is no S at the end of mile when we are speaking of 50 of them ?

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